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Terminals with the latest technological advances

  • We provide outstanding customer service

    • We guarantee 99.9% reliable payment processing

    • Our merchants have 98% PCI compliance

    • We save businesses an average of 34%

    • We provide merchant cash advances

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Here at Energize Merchant Services we use our knowledge and experience to help independent businesses achieve more. Through our bespoke merchant service process we assess the individual needs of your business and ensure you have the most suitable solution for your card payment needs.

We're one of the fastest growing card payment company in the UK. We attribute this to our combination of 5 star service and by offering the lowest available UK merchant rates.

We have over 30 payments consultants who's job it is to understand your business. This way we can advise you on the best solutions for your businesses merchant service needs. They’ll create a personalised pricing package based on the kinds of card payments you wish to take, your business turnover and more.

We know merchant service bills can be complicated but that’s not how we do things! We keep everything as simple as possible to understand, our dedicated team are always here to help you understand your fees and make sure you have the right solution to your needs.

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