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Here at Energize Merchant Services, we offer a variety of flexible payment solutions to suit any businesses needs. We save businesses on average of 34% on card processing costs. As well as providing card processing facilities we also facilitate merchant cash advances. We have a support team of over 30 merchant service advisors who aim to understand a businesses needs in order to offer the best card-processing solution, whilst providing outstanding customer service and 99% PCI compliance.

As an Energize Merchant Service Referral Partner, we are offering you the opportunity to profit from your existing client base whilst building your relationship with them by saving them money on their card processing fees. You will earn a commission for every referral that signs up with ourselves. There is also additional earning potential for partners who wish to be more involved in the process.

Why become an Energized Merchant Services Referral Partner?

Step 1

Supplement your income

Earn commission on every business you refer.

Step 2

Save your customers money

We save an average of 34% on merchant service fees.

Step 3

We are your partner

Our outstanding customer support team is there to guide and assist you.

How to become an Energized Merchant Services Referral Partner

Step 1

Apply Now

Fill in and complete the registration form, after checking your details we’ll sign you up as an Energize Merchant Services Referral Partner.

Step 2

Start Referring

After making contact with your existing clients and obtaining interest. You will be able to on-board your referrals to our referral partner platform, providing contact details for our dedicated sales team to reach them on.

Step 3

Enjoy the rewards

As soon as your referred business goes live you receive your commission within 3 working days.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, anyone with a valid website or promotional plan can apply

The Energize Merchant Services Affiliate program is considered as the affiliate program with the highest commission in its industry. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

Absolutely not! We want you to act independently and decide for yourself on how to advertise our products.