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Allow Customers To Order & Pay

  • Table Service, Collection, Delivery

  • Customise your own branded mobile app

  • Share news, your location & display reviews

  • Collect, track & trace through your mobile app

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Take orders however you want

It’s easy to order, whether its for table service, collection or delivery. You can choose whichever options you like.

You can allow card payments from any of these order types or offer the option to pay by cash.

Let your customers select a day and time for collection or delivery within your working hours.

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Speed up service

Spend more time providing your service and products and less time taking orders and payments.

Reduce queue length and promote contactless ordering and payments.

Loyalty card

Offer your customers a branded loyalty card to encourage repeat custom.

Offer discounts or FREE products/services any way you want. You can completely customise this branded loyalty card to fit your requirements and needs.

75% of consumers say they are likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive. (Wirecard)

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Track & Trace

Improve customer retention

Easily collect customer information for track and trace log or your mailing list. Collecting customer information such as track and trace can be mandatory. So this allows for a convenient solution to collecting this information.

You can collect customer information for your mailing list to send out product/service information and drive up sales.